Discover How to Thrive

That's what I'm figuring out how to do. Thrive. Maybe following along can help you do the same.

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My email column and essays are an exploration into the question of how to become all you can be.

It's broad as hell (and hell is a broad place!), so what can you find here specifically?

Explorations into:

  • Archetypal psychology
  • Applicable philosophy
  • Practical spirituality
  • Creative business
  • Nature-supportive technology
  • Much more besides, I'm sure…


It's a good question…I guess we have no choice.

About 20 things are going sideways at once. A.I. threatens to replace our usefulness. We're religiously and spiritually bereft. Political extremism is cresting all around us. The internet is obliterating old media and a combination of all the above is obliterating higher education.

Those are just off the top of my head. I didn't even mention cultural tensions, the tenuous position of our fiat currencies, or the looming ethical conundrums of DNA manipulation and mechanical augmentation.

As Scott Adams has said on his live-streams, it's sometimes difficult to tell if we're about to see a catastrophe or something amazing. The reason – the signs are almost identical. It's as if tension builds and builds out of the gooey potential of the future until it has to snap into one configuration or the other.

The smallest decision might tilt it towards catastrophe or paradise in that 'snapping' moment.

Are we heading towards a global holocaust or a new age of enlightenment for humankind?

I'll remain optimistic until I'm forced to change. In the meantime, about the only thing I'm sure of is that the best way to maximise the chances of myself and my loved ones is to become the best version of myself that I possibly can.

Problem is, I'm incredibly flawed.

Join me.