Build your list with Article Funnels

I help companies build their email lists by treating every article like a landing page…

…that continues to work for them over time.


I learned this lesson during my 3 years in the booming startup hub in Cracow, Poland.

Being the only native-English-copywriter around, I gained access to projects I really had no business being a part of. My experience was lacking, but I had the talent and determination to catch up.

One day I was leaning over a workstation. A huge paper printout of a complex sales funnel sprawled out in front of me. Sam Cook, the founder and CEO of James Cook Media, was walking me through his creation.

As he explained the purpose of articles in his funnel, something clicked.

These articles weren’t for vague SEO or branding purposes, published in the hope to bring people in “one day”. We didn’t have the time for that.

They weren't a mere "blog".

They were an army of landing pages.

Each one was profitable enough to send people to them through paid traffic.

After working with Sam, this insight has continued to develop in my mind and work.

When an article is truly excellent, it can be the source of countless more pieces of content and promotional pieces. It can be repurposed and spread across the internet on every platform. It can tell you what’s going on in the minds of its readers.

And, of course, it can grow your email list.

It must grow your email list.

Every one of your articles is a landing page at the bottom of a little funnel, whether you know it or not. All that remains is how intentional and well-built that funnel is.