Mastery might be simpler than you think.

Put your thumb on your most valuable skill. Professions tend to be built on ONE ability that’s far more important than any others.

Then spend the first few hours of every day practicing that skill.

It’s embarrassing – elite violinists tend to wrack up 10,000 hours of deliberate practice by the time they’re 20. Meanwhile, copywriting is my livelihood and I’m making excuses to get out of even 1 hour of deliberate practice a day.


Gary Keller suggests the following:

Assign 4 hours every workday to deliberate practice on your ONE thing (the most valuable skill for your career).

4 hours per workday wracks up 10,000 hours in a decade.

Note: this “practice” shouldn’t be isolated or unproductive in and of itself. A novelist would spend this time writing. A salesperson would spend the time selling. It adds up to productive output, not just practice.


My copying-sales-letters-by-hand practice was not productive in and of itself.

An alternative? Perhaps re-writing someone’s headlines 10 times over and sending it to them. Perhaps breaking down an effective sales letter to use immediately in client work. Perhaps writing ads for Clickbank products, driving traffic with my own money and analysing the results.


“The pursuit of mastery bears gifts.” – Gary Keller


How could you productively practice your key skill?