I’m absolutely obsessed with Prof Jordan Peterson at present.

His content is worthy of my obsession, though.

What you’re interested in grips you. It calls out to you, rather than being directed by you.

You don’t control what grips your interest.

What does? What determines what grips you?

The Optimistic Answer: What grips you is exactly what you need for your next stage of development.

I think that’s right.

I feel my interest in Peterson’s lectures subsiding (very slightly… and quite sadly). Strangely enough, that happened immediately after I “put my thumb” on a key insight.

It might have been the insight that my deeper brain was desperately trying to drill into me with all these hours of lectures.

The insight, in a nutshell:

Aim at the good.

I’m sure that sounds ludicrously simple. And it is… as a sentence.

To me, though, it’s the one KEY NODE in a huge network of wise insights Peterson has taught me through his YouTube channel.

Ultimately – To aim at the highest good means to voluntarily chose the best possible choice at any moment, regardless of the suffering of life, arbitrary tragedy, unfair results, or whatever “great” excuse might present itself to tempt you into self-righteous resentment.

And, for me, it really hasn’t taken a lot for me to choose to aim at the bad. Usually, it’s been the bad for me, rather than directly for other people, but it’s all the same. The bad for you is the bad for everyone you’re networked with.

I’m only at the very start of this line of insight.

It could take months of thought to fully integrate this concept of “aiming at the highest good”.

But… well… what the hell else am I going to do that could compare to that?