“Alcohol is a Great Drug”

“But the problem is… it’s a great drug.”

I’ve recently been struggling with the temptation to drink compulsively. 

On Akira’s new JBP album, which I alluded to yesterday, he splices together a conversation with comedian Theo Von, where he takes apart the temptation of alcohol from both sides. 

On the one hand, it’s a great drug. It helps you cope with anxiety and it makes you more extroverted and assertive. 

On the other, it’s so good it can ruin your life. 

Some of the ‘lyrics’ that have been on repeat in my head, particularly the bolded ones in the verse below:

You might say, “Why do people drink too much?”
If you like alcohol, that’s a stupid question.
Why do people drink to much??
Well, cuz it’s great.
So why stop?

You do stupid things when you’re drunk,
You hurt yourself,
You compromise you’re health,
It’s really hard on the people around you,
You tend to turn into a liar,
And it screws up your life.

It’s like, yeah, but it’s pretty fun.
Yeah, well it is it, but…
You need something better than that.
And what’s better isn’t being straight and not making mistakes.
That’s all prohibition, in some sense.
What’s better is…

You need an adventure, man.

It’s refreshing to hear someone who used to drink like a fish when young, (coming from a Northern Alberta town), hasn’t touched a drop in many years, admit how good it is, and stress the importance of having a good reason to stop. 

It reminds me of the words of another psychiatrist who worked with addicted people, David Hawkins. They hold quite different viewpoints, but they agree that it’s no mystery as to why people indulge. Hawkins half-joked that you’d be foolish not to keep drinking since it literally elevates your consciousness to a more benevolent state. 

Anyway, my experience lines up with all this. Alcohol became a temptation increasingly as the meaning and purpose of the rest of my life progressively fell away. 

I need to revive the Adventure of My Life.