I haven’t posted anything in over 9 months.

The reason – a quite severe dose of existential despair and loss of purpose.

I saw parts of my shadow I wish didn’t have to.

I obsessively consumed content from Dr Jordan Peterson without seeming able to muster the ability to implement his advice in a consistent way.

I seemed unable to choose Good over Evil.

At least I became very conscious of my Evil, and I now understand the temptation of self-destruction better than ever before.

It feels as though I’ve found a way to muster the will for the Good.

If I have, I’ll write all about it before long.

If I’m kidding myself, and this is another desperate pulling back against the elastic band of my instincts, only to have it inevitably throw me back into old patterns. That’s why I won’t write about it just yet.


For now, just in case you haven’t seen it, check out Akira the Don’s ridiculously good new Jordan Peterson album: Genesis: