This is something that should be heard by people. Why? Because if you’re in this game long enough, you gain the wisdom to know that attaining goals doesn’t bring happiness in itself. You have to enjoy the moment. But won’t that destroy your drive to achieve?

Gary doesn’t feel it has to.


It really interests me that this is possible. It’s not intuitive. Some say that being too goal-driven can screw you up because as soon as you attain the goal, you instantly look to the next.

Never enjoying what you have.

No satisfaction.

But Gary works so hard and is so driven because he enjoys it. It’s fun to him. He doesn’t just want the goal. He wants to play the game.

I think that’s how he’s able to enjoy and be thankful, maybe even satisfied, with everything he currently has, while still being dead-set on lofty goals and doing everything in his power to attain them.

Can we all hold that kind of beautiful paradox in our souls?

I believe so.