Exerpt from Farnam Street Article, Most of what you are going to do or say today is not essential.

Part of the problem is that attending meetings has become some sort of corporate-machoism badge.

“Hey you want to grab a coffee to talk about that really cool project I’m working on? I’d love to pick your brain?”

“Sounds great. How’s three Wednesday’s from now sound? … Yea, I know, I’m so busy.“

Sure we do more busy work, but we’re doing less real work. To get any real work done we come in early, stay late, or both. That’s the only way we can get some peace and quiet.

The paradox is that in an effort to do more, we end up doing less.

Note: In there is another reason for the 5am workday start. It gives you 2 to 3 hours that you wouldn’t otherwise have, without ego-depletion, before the rest of the world starts grinding. Perfect for doing focused, creative work that matters.