Nobody likes to lose money.

But just as someone who’s desperate to be liked is never charming, someone who’s desperate to keep their money winds up losing it.

My parents have recently been through a world of stress thanks to the project manager of their from-scratch dream-home. A lot of his problems (which soon became their problems) seem to come down to being bad with money.

I spoke to an electrician as he visited the site to fix something that went wrong.

He shook his head at the foolishness of this project manager.

The manager tried to save himself money by getting generalist builders to install the electrics (as well as pretty much everything else in the house). Things would go wrong, of course, and the specialists would need to be hired anyway to fix the problems – not once, but many times.

This particular electrician had apparently visited my parents’ house 5 times to fix issues.

He got a lot of work coming in from this guy.

A short-term cost saving turned into shelling out 5 times as much as he would have paid had he hired them in the first place!

He’s not being a “cowboy”, by the way. The budget came from his clients, but he had to foot the bill for the extra costs of fixing issues. He got nothing out of it. He was only hurting himself, and pissing us off at the same time.

This project manager seems to be in constant money troubles.

It’s no surprise.


Don’t hold on too tight,

– James


PS: I’m well aware that spending money too easily is just as big a problem for your finances, but that’s an obvious problem. What’s more interesting to me is “counter-intuitive foolishness”… it makes you wonder… what attitudes are you following that are secretly producing results completely opposite to what they “promise”?