Copywriting is among the most valuable skills in the world.

It’s also one of the hardest skills to learn.

This shouldn’t discourage you. On the contrary, because of this barrier of difficulty, it’ll probably only take you one hour of practice a day for a year to get better than all your competition (assuming you’re not in a hyper-competitive space).

You don’t have to be world class to out-compete everyone else who’s showing up on your prospects’ tables.

I, however, will be world-class.

Click here to get the syllabus I’m using to get myself there.

Take it, use it on yourself, or give it to an employee who’s skills you want to grow.

The syllabus includes a Google Sheet to use to track your study progress. Use it for accountability when training your team.

This syllabus shows you what you need to do to get extremely good at copywriting, and it shows you no more than that. There are many books out there about advertising that are so broad and theoretical they will hurt your abilities. The books mentioned in this syllabus are all okayed by experts far above my level as dense truth-bombs that every self-respecting copywriter should have in their library. The sales letter swipe files mentioned are likewise top of the class.

As Tim Ferriss said in meta-learning tome The Four Hour Chef, “material over method”. What you learn is even more important than how you learn it.

Take this syllabus, and apply hours of effort to it over time, and your copywriting skills will improve. It’s the same way the best rainmakers in the world got good, and it’s how I’m going to join them.