Jon Morrow is an inspiration to me.

Neck-down paralysis hasn’t stopped him from building a multi-million dollar internet business. Starting from under his parents’ roof, he hustled from his wheelchair until he made it happen!

And he knows his headlines. Here are three of his best. Each brought in more than 100,000 visitors:

  • Twentysomething: Why I regret getting straight A’s in college
  • On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas
  • How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

There’s a lot going on in those that might not be obvious. For example, how he sandwiched two negative and striking words, “dying” and “fighting”, around the highly evocative word “mother”. They didn’t even need to be about each other. Their proximity is enough.

##His Secret for Getting So Good

I once attended a webinar where he talked about his life and his work. Although he tried to present specific lessons, I always try to pick up on ones that present themeselves.

Listen to the little lessons embedded in a guru’s personal story, and you’ll learn what it actually takes to get his/her results.

When Jon started working for Copyblogger, the blog’s founder, Brian Clark, told him he should work on his headlines…by writing 100 of them a day for practice!

A few weeks later, when Jon came back to him with sheets and sheets of examples, Brian was blown away. He said he’d given that advice a number of times, but no one actually did it!

You don’t need a boss to get crazy stinking good at something.

You just need to practice hard every single day.

##Why You Should Master Headlines

Headlines are responsible for a lot of the attention you get, and attention is necessary for sales. If you want to succeed online, they are a something you NEED to get crazy stinking good at.

Dip into Jon’s blog for content about headlines, but only spend half as long learning about it as you do practicing it.

Jon’s method to getting so good wasn’t reading 100 headline templates every day.

His method was writing 100 headlines a day.

Deliberate practice, every daily, and you’ll get good…You’ll get real good!