I first used this technique to put a document full of inspiring affirmations and quotes on my Kindle to read in the morning. I didn’t want to start my day of near-constant screen-staring the moment I woke up!

Step One: Format your document in Word.

Other applications may work, but in Word you can be sure that anything tagged as a ‘Heading’ will show up as such on your Kindle. This is important if you want to skip around within the document. If a title is recognised as a heading in this way, you can skip to it with a tap of the arrows. Even some published Kindle books don’t do this properly, and scrolling through every page individually is more of a pain the larger the document is.

Step Two: Upload the document and choose title etc

Go to Ebook.Online-Convert.com and find the file through their upload file menu:

Select ‘Target ebook reader:’ – I used Kindle.

Then choose the title, author, and a margin (border) to your pages. Keep ‘Change input encoding’ to the default setting – auto-detect, and leave ASCII output blank.

Then just click ‘Convert’:

And wait for it to convert the file. It should download automatically.

Step Three: Move the file into your Kindle documents folder

Drag and drop.

Eject your Kindle


Enjoy your professional-level formatted Kindle doc.

While I researched to answer this question for myself I came across this great post from EpubSecrets.com.