There’s something cool and almost libertarian about the way Universities used to be.

Who you studied under mattered.

Sure, it would have been a bit of a luck of the draw, but you might have been able to tilt the odds in your favour by working hard to get noticed by a particular professor.

Professors set their own curriculums.

Tenure was intended to make it as easy as possible to talk about contentious subjects (although that’s proven ineffective).

This crossed my mind while hearing about the eccentric professor who showed a young Jordan Peterson around a maximum security prison with almost no supervision.

Maybe the new educational landscape that’s coming will be a bit more like that, except even more free-form.

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) is part of a startup that’s created an app called Interface (made by WhenHub). He talks about it here.

Using Interface, anyone can sign up and be an expert about something, set their own price, and start taking calls. That, to me, sounds like a step in the direction of a truly unshackled educational landscape.

Here’s hoping.