The BEST advice to beginning entrepreneurs.

Master a skillset.

Seems obvious to some, but others will read that and think, “I don’t have time for that (despite being 22).” or, “But you should start with automation/scalability/independence as the goal, right?”

I used to be that kid.

The fastest way to get to where you really want to go (a successful and fulfilling career), is to master something.

It The MFCEO podcast 126, Mike Dillard seriously breaks it down:

“[Mastering a skillset] is the key to everything. If you master a skillset, it empowers you to take action and to get a result and to create momentum in you life. It turns you into a source of value for other individuals.”

He goes on to implore: Figure out how your brain is wired.

If you’re an analytical, numbers-based person, master Facebook advertising.

If you’re a more creative type, master copywriting.

Mike is an introverted creative type himself - a type that most would probably say makes a better artist than entrepreneur. He is living proof that self-awareness allows you to manoeuvre around any built-in “limitations”. He hated selling in person, so he learned how to sell with the written word.

Entrepreneurship seems to be one of the most personality-agnostic career paths out there.

No matter who or what you are, just figure out how to make it work.

And master a valuable skillset that falls in line with that.