“It’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time.”

– Harv Eker, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind

How damn true!

And how often overlooked by people selling you their “proven system” for this or that. A system may be proven for them, or for people with similar mindsets, but not a newbie. Results tend to emerge from what someone is, not just what they do.


Being-ness is Greater than Doing-ness

First you care about what you have. Then, you care about what you do. Finally, you care about what you are. So taught David Hawkins about how your values shift as you move up through the “levels of consciousness”.



  1. When you’re desperate, all that matters is what you have. Your neighbours can shame you just by having a nicer TV.
  2. When you become self-sufficient and confident, you would tend to respect someone based on what they do for a living, more than what kind of watch or car they have.
  3. And finally, when you’re transcendent and deeply loving, what people are radiates forth as beautiful and loveable, regardless of what they have or do (so I’m told).


Results tend to emerge from what you are.

What you do still matters, but it is beneath what you are.

E.g. You could approach a colleague to ask her out (what you do). If there’s not a shred of confidence or sense of self-worth in you (i.e. your mindset and your view of what you “are” is terrible), that bad foundational “being-ness” will be visible through everything you do. No “line” will work.

On the other hand, if your sense of being-ness is terrific (confident, playful, thinking about her and not wrapped up in yourself) then almost any line will work.

What you have also still matters, but it is beneath what you do.

E.g. You could be wearing trendy shoes and jacket (what you have), but they won’t magically ask out your crush for you (what you do).


So… How Do You “Be” The Right Person… in The Right Place at The Right Time?

The context of today’s quote is money.

Harv Eker makes his case for your mindset being the primary financial force in your life. Lottery winners often end up poor again. Millionaires who go broke often bounce back up to wealth very quickly.

What you are is more important than what you do, because it is underneath what you do.

So how do you change what you are?


In practice, dedication is:

  • Tireless repetition (without just “going through the motions”).
  • Determined action.

“Tony Solo” is who I found Harv’s book through. He had terrible money mindsets. He completely changed them by dedicating himself to Secrets of The Millionaire Mind. Here’s Liam Mcrae relating the story (clipped):


“He took that book and he read it every month for half a year, 6 months, and he did all the homework missions, and he even physically began doing the exercises…”


This book is obviously not the only way that you can change your mindsets – the important thing is dedication, even devotion to one source for a period of time. If that source can be one person in your life who has the mindsets you want and can give you a lot of time, so much the better.

Whether a person, a book, or even a single statement, (such as one of Harv’s affirmations, i.e. “I create the exact level of my financial success.”) the key to it changing your mindsets is dedication (tireless repetition & determined action on one thing).


Stay dedicated,

– James (Self-Made Copywriter)