“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.”

– Francis Bacon (invented the scientific method)

What’s better: to complain about your wage, or understand the nature of money with the mind to create a strategy for increasing it?

What’s better: to call women “bitches”, men “assholes”… or learn the nature of courtship and attraction? 

What’s better: to beat yourself up for not changing, or try to understand the nature of your own mind?

I once became obsessed with methods of living with nature instead of forcing it to conform to our standards. I started with food, after watching a BBC documentary Farm for the Future. I saw how 10 years of intense farming destroys the natural fertility of the soil (Click here for the scene I’m talking about).

Working against nature, barren farms soon have to buy artificial fertilisers and pesticides, putting their farm on life-support for one more year… indentured consumers for “big-agri” companies. 

But what’s the solution?

We can’t go back to horse-ploughs. It takes too much manpower, and the farming population plummeted from 22% of the total population (in the UK) in 1841, down to 1% now. 

We’re not going to convince 1/5th of modern folk to start ploughing.

Seemed hopeless.

Then…people looked deeper into the nature of food. 

Turns out, if you are sensitive to Nature’s needs, she’ll do a lot for you, and your food will be far tastier and far more nutritious as a consequence. 

You can:

That’s just for starters. 

Then I learned someone had developed a type of building that generated your electricity, treated your water, grew your food, and managed your sewage. You could live 100% off-grid in luxury with what he named “Earthships”.

My Lost Motivation

All of the above are mind-boggling achievements done by working with Nature and not against her. 

I wanted to travel the world, document all these things, and find a way to contribute. 

To fund these travels, I decided to learn how to make money online. I turned to freelance writing. 

I tried to learn the Nature of money, but it wasn’t enough.

I’ve never stopped struggling, and not for a lack of skill or even bravery. I simply could not stop self-sabotaging. 

I did not understand enough the Nature of myself.

I’ll leave it there for now. Tomorrow I’ll summarise my misadventures in personal development and spirituality. I was blind to the “clog” in my psyche that compelled me to keep miss-firing, but that certainly didn’t stop me from trying!


– James