Are you a dreamer or achiever?

Bill Murphy of laid out an in-depth guide to focusing on and achieving what’s most important to you.

It’s super long, so I thought I’d share the most helpful thing I took from it with you – the starting sequence (and ongoing attitude) you need to make achievement of one big yearly goal inevitable.


The Starting Sequence

Step 1: List all your goals for the year.

Step 2: Ask yourself: “What’s the ONE goal that will make the others easier or unnecessary, and/or the one that is much more important to you than the others?”

Step 3: Figure out the daily activities needed to achieve it.

Step 4: Ask yourself: “What’s the ONE activity that makes all others easier or unnecessary?” Do that one FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Step 5: Ask yourself what is the next most important, and the next, and so on. Do ALL of the NECESSARY activities before you do ANYTHING else that day.


Note: Step 4’s #1 activity may be one you didn’t write down in Step 3 because it’s not directly involved in the chosen goal. What matters is it’s an action that makes everything else easier.

For me, the one activity that makes everything else easier is to get on my knees in an attitude of prayer and surrender and recommit to letting go of negative emotion, and recommit to letting go resistances to my goals.

It’s a strange one, I know.

The “prayer” part especially weirds-out some people. I’m simply sharing the most effective tools I currently have for making tangible progress.

“Habit hacks” crumble. “Productivity strategies” fade.

For whatever reason, prayer + letting go is the only thing that has truly raised my game.


The Ongoing Attitude

No excuses.

“The decisions you make on the hard days will make the road to success easy for you.”

So – If you do something when you don’t feel like it, the habit-building value of that action is much more than that of the days when it was easy.

This reminds me of Liam Mcrae’s surprisingly profound wisdom in a video about what one should focus on when getting better with the opposite sex:

“This is a funny principle in life – It’s actually easier to just do the hard work. As opposed to spending all this energy trying to find a little way around it, a little trick to avoid having to do what actually works.” – Liam Mcrae in 5 Dating Myths Debunked at 23:24 (below)


You will ONLY be able to employ the no excuses attitude if:

  1. You’ve chosen the most life-changing goal you have. You therefore know that all other things are less important, making them easier to ignore.
  2. You’ve chosen the most powerful action to start your day with. As long as you implement, you know your goal is near-guaranteed.
  3. You don’t spend the entire day on it. Your list of essential daily activities will be short, or else some of them are imposters – not truly essential.


The ONE Activity For Copywriting Mastery…

…Copying out successful sales letters by hand for an hour a day.

I’m inspired to recommit to this daily practice. It’s so easy to let it fall away, yet so critical to fast development of your copywriting skills .

There are other actions necessary for an income goal, such as filling your pipeline with new potential work, and raising your prices. Both those things will be easier, however, if you keep your skills sharp as a razor.

After that, the rest of the day can be as packed with distractions and crises as it likes – it won’t matter. You will have already moved the needle.


Stay Focused,

– James “Self-Made Copywriter” Mathison