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A quarter of an hour ago I planned out 1h 30m of time to focus on Content Lab’s next ONE Thing that could make everything else easier or irrelevant.

Straight away the begrudging answer was, “Hire a writer already”.

Then into my head swept all the things I have to do – no, all the things I feel like I have to do - to make Content Lab “ready” for the first client.

I stopped the time at 13 minutes.

I now want to go into overdrive to do all those things myself, even though I just said to myself that a writer would make a lot of these tasks irrelevant for me to do.

I know it’s holding me back, but I want to do it anyway.

Part of the old self-sabotage creeping in I suppose. Still, a form of self-sabotage that has you write a blog post when you feel like procrastinating is a pretty good one. I’ll take it over alcoholism.

What Content Lab Really Needs Might Not Be Content

I have it lodged in my head that Content Lab needs a following on Medium, Instagram, and all the other biggies before I can think about charging anyone money to do it for them.

I see the noble place that comes from…I want to be integrous.

However, there are other ways to be integrous without slowing my progress to a crawl. For example, I could offer money back guarantees if certain goals are not met for my first client. Or offer to do it for at-cost pricing. That way, I can build up their following while building up my own, as well as gaining a testimonial and a referral or two out of this first client.

I know all this.

But I’m not going to do it…yet.

Just one more blog post, then I’ll quit. I swear!