Patreon is Kickstarter for on-going work.

Just as artists of old used to have “patrons”, (rich folk who would keep their favourite ones fed so they could focus on their work), Patreon is a modern crowd-funding alternative.

It makes me think of, a platform that lets you invest (relatively) small amounts in startups. Meaning you no longer need to be a gajillionaire to be an angel investor.

Could Patreon be the answer to the problem plagueing artists to this day… maintaining a stable income?

I’ve seen articles teaching artists how to sell their work online before, but how many of them really want to take time away from their craft? And how many more have massive emotional resistance to the idea, because they feel marketing is “sleazy”?

This platform allows them to focus on their art. Just like Udemy allows online course creators to focus on theirs.

Patreon’s a young company. Only 2 years old. I’ll keep my eye on it.

Meanwhile, do you feel your excuses to pursue your artistic passions diminishing month by month?

Credit: Rich Fit Club.