I’ve spent today mostly baffled by the amount of content I could be putting out into the world.

I challenged myself with my post on Monday, Endless Content to come up with 40 piece of content, repurposed from that blog post alone.

That was a little much. I only managed 30. But still… 30 pieces of new content!

A lot of it is very simple. Some of it is repetitive, but all of it can be used to promote the blog post itself, so it’s probably a BALL-BREAKING strategy for a business that uses T.O.F.U. (top of funnel) content like blog posts acquire leads.

So now it’s up to me to put it to the test.

The question which haunts me now is…how do I bring my personal and professional profiles together?

Even though I’ve become more content-prolific over the last three weeks, I’ve wanted to keep my Facebook profile at bay.

Gary Vaynerchuk himself doesn’t mix his Gary V profiles with Vayner Media.

So I’m not sure how to do this. Do I keep Content Lab totally “professional” looking? Or do I throw in some random selfies and talking head monologues and stuff like that?

How the hell do you be “social” as a brand? You can publish content, sure, but when I leave comments I want to talk as if it’s me. Then I hit send and it’s the Content Lab logo sending that little sound bite with all that personality…not James.

This is of course a thing I’ll need to become familiar with for the good of Content Lab’s clients.

It seems I’ve cracked the problem of running out of content.

Now I’m facing the problem of brand vs personal engagement on social media.

I have no doubt I’ll crack that too.