Fearless Human Connection

Key pages for the sales funnel of a life-changing course.

In April 2017 I embarked on one of the most difficult projects of my carreer. I was to create a sales page for a course that showed people how to get over over long-running issues with anxiety, overthinking, and mediocrity.

The author of the course was Sam Ryter, a coach who routinely transforms people’s worlds by opening them to the principles in this course. The mindsets he imparts can turn a world of fear and aggression into one of love and opportunity.

With such a powerful set of benefits, why was this project so difficult?

Well, how do you explain something like that? How to you convince - through text alone - how powerful it is to devote oneself to things like unconditional giving and self acceptance? How do you not make it corny? Or would corny actually work?

To overcome this challenge, I needed to do something new. I arranged to speak with a number of Sam’s friends and audience members. I wanted to draw out an archetype - to learn what commonalities existed across everyone who resonates with Sam’s material. I found quite a broad variety of backgrounds, goals, and personalities. And the commonalities were also there.

The strongest one of all?… They all intuitively knew what I was struggling for a way to communicate. They had all experienced the freedom Sam teaches you to cultivate. I merely needed to remind them.

Before long I had the sales page for Sam’s launch.

After that, Sam brought me on to write the squeeze page and the Deep Dive course upsell.

You can see the start of the funnel by clicking here.



“It’s an honor to me to write this testimonial for James. A few years ago, I decided to only seek out the ‘A-Players’ in any field of expertise. James Mathison is one of those A-Players. We are working together on and off for 2 years and his work has been consistently brilliant.

I create courses to help people to drop from the mind (overthinking, overanalyzing, fear, feeling stuck) into the ‘heart’ (flow, enjoying life, love, self-expression, trust, intimacy, authenticity). Whenever I needed a copy for one of my products James was here and delivered exactly what I was needing.

James you have this ability to tune into my needs. I really always felt understood by you. You have always been able to ‘get’ on the point with what was only a ‘blurry’ picture for me.

You’re an A-Player because you go the extra mile, you are on time, your work is consistently astonishing me, and I can fully trust your art and your talent.

You helped me so much so far and you will in the future. You’re the man!”*

– Sam Ryter




MAN Digital

Tightly-tuned copy for a marketing agency website.

Romeo Man operates close to the edge of modern marketing techniques. He knows more that anyone else I have met about automatic phone-call analysis, something he came into through affiliate marketing. In 2015, he founded an agency that combined all his knowledge of search marketing, social media, and business automation systems.

Romeo needed an entire rewrite of his site. He needed visitors to understand exactly what they would find through his agency, and why it was different to other digital marketing agencies (which it certainly was).

The goal was to make the site easily understandable, and a no-brainer to navigate (which is critical in any website), as well as one more crucial goal. We wanted as many qualified visitors as possible to fill in Romeo’s “discovery form”. We needed to generate leads.

It was not easy to communicate (and prioritise) the unique combination of expertise Romeo was building into his agency.

I remember the day the site’s structure finally came together. Romeo and I sat across from each other in the front courtyard of a small coffee shop in Romania. It clicked, and when I went home I pulled together all the rough drafts I had created, wrote more, and refined it all into the text you can read now by visiting his site here.



Triathlon Research

Sales messages for a triathlete training company.

I immersed myself in a number of interesting projects while I contracted with Triathlon Research, under James Cook Media.

The highest impact work was the sales email automations. Triathlon Research had a lot of fascinating videos shot at their yearly retreats designed for triathlon enthusiasts who want to be at the top of their game.

For those who weren’t able to take a week out of their schedule to fly to a boot camp, the CEO, Sam Cook, wanted to produce and sell online courses comprising of footage from the boot camps. That’s where I came in. Alongside helping to edit the sales pages written by our Marketing Director, Eva Wysocka, I wrote the drafts for the majority of the sales emails and the list-nurturing weekly newsletter.

It was my first time working directly on messages sent to such a large list. It was an unforgettable feeling the first time I sent an email at 5:30pm one day, and came into work the next day to find it had made a significant amount of money!

Feel free to request an expamle of these sales emails.