Damn. I need to make me some ultimate guides.

Look at how beautiful they can be! The first time I heard of the concept was on a podcast episode featuring Neil Patel. He had just generated massive search engine results from his first free “ultimate guide”, The Advanced Guide to SEO.

Because it was such a good guide (when good = comprehensive and delightful), people shared it like crazy.

Now I see Ramit Sethi is dipping into the same strategy.

I’ve seen two so far, one on Personal Finance and one on Making Money.

Both gorgeous. And both shared a ton, because they’re good.


#What Makes an Ultimate Guide Good?

  1. Beautiful design. It has to be a feast for the eyes.

  2. Long and highly detailed. It has to be feast for the brain, too. Neil actually beats Ramit on this aspect I think.

  3. Built with CSS. This might be a pain, but it means search bots can rank for stuff, plus interactive elements are possible if it’s built with code.

  4. Share buttons. Make sure it’s hyper shareabubble.

The bar for content is constantly getting higher. On the other hand, the actual info is nothing more than what’s in his blog already. It’s just more valuable this way. I think guides like this are a great way to move beyond the “epic blog post” thing, and make something that’s closer to a book…something that’s more meaningful, with the same information.