Trying on different perspectives can change the game.

I found social media like an impenetrable not long ago. Recently, though, I started to see what people like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk see in it.

Suddenly the steps I needed to take were obvious. And I took them easily.

Now I have accounts for personal and for business, and I’m keeping them updated regularly, keeping top-of-mind with some of my followers.

Right now, that just means a few likes and comments from friends. But once I build momentum on the business profiles, it will mean much more than that.

The Attitude That Kills Social Media Resistance

Attention is valuable.

Start watching people around you on the train or in waiting rooms. Where is their attention?

If you can get close enough to their screens you’ll get more detail. I find it’s either going to be a casual game or a social profile.

Attention isn’t everything, you also need to bring value to the people giving you attention, but that value can be very simple. Take Kim Kardashian. Just a sexy broad with a superiority complex. Her confidence and looks is both the fuel of her attention and the value her fans get from her.

I passed by a Wilbur Smith billboard in the London Underground today. How far into his career did this novelist go before he could afford that much mass attention?

Attention is valuable.

And yesterday, I got the attention of 10s of people by posting a picture of me drawing out some diagrams for my marketing strategy, and another one of my brother’s dog waking up in a cute pose.

That’s it. No cost, and I got a bunch of attention.

I’m just starting out, just tasting the principles. Those two pictures won’t lead to any money of any kind. However, they did acquire something valuable…attention.

Over time, that leads to a bigger career, and bigger business.

I just might need to make future content a little more cohesive!

Resisting Social Media?

Wear someone else’s perspective for a short time. Try it on.

Attention is valuable.

The fact that today you can earn it at scale with nothing but a bit of hustle is a thrilling concept.

At least, it is to those with the right attitude.