Dan Kennedy is a boss. A cynical, jaded boss, but a boss nonetheless.

In part 1 and part 2 of his seminar The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction, he goes into what he sees is “the nature of money”.

It’s a heavy dose of wisdom.

Some may seem a little heartless, or at least lead to potentially heartless conclusions, but that’s what you get with a natural force.

And that was my biggest take-away.

Money is a natural force.

We don’t judge the wind because of what hurricanes can do. Yet we assign morality and judgementalism to virtually anything that involves money.

You’ll do much better to dettach your emotions from it, learn it’s nature, and then build some mother-fuckin windfarms! (Holla if you get the metaphor.)

The Nature of Money

  1. Money is entirely unresponsive to need
    • It doesn’t matter how much you need to pay the rent. Money never comes as a response to need.
    • Makes me think of Ray Mears, talking about how fire is ironically hardest to create when you need it the most (alone in a cold, rainy woodland with the night closing in).
  2. Money ignores “pedigree”
    • Your credentials don’t mean jack.
  3. Money resents the attitude of entitlement
    • If you think you “deserve” money for any reason, money doesn’t want to flock to you.
    • You might think you should have money because you’re a good person, or because you’re smart, or you work harder than anyone you know. Money doesn’t care.
  4. Money loves clarity
    • Personal clarity – who you are, what you’re doing here, what you will and won’t do for money, your values, what you and your time is worth.
    • Forward orientation clarity - where the hell you’re going. Defined purpose. Clear goals. Stops you from being “day-to-day operator”. No growth = danger/contraction.
    • Audience clarity. Market clarity.
    • Message clarity. Benefits. Message to market match.
    • Method clarity. E.g. Lots of customers don’t know they are supposed to create referals for you. “This is how it works around here.”
  5. Money demands congruency - Has a highly tuned bullshit meter.
    • When you say you want something, DO things CONGRUENT with it.
    • First thing to do is, you want X, you find someone who’s done X, and then you find any way you crawl up their butts.
    • You might not know you’re incogruent. So think about it hard. Forget even unobvious actions, what would obviously be required?
    • One way to be congruent with being wealthy, open up a wealth account and a giving account.
  6. Money approves of intelligent generosity. It hates dumb giving (when you’re guilted into it).
    • Giving in other ways helps too, such as giving you time, advice, respect, appreciation, encouragement, or a spot on your platform or a helping hand through your influence.
  7. Money likes organisers and organised environments.
    • Read: Devos’s autobiography. Distributors don’t get on the F400 list.
    • No Disney execs are on that list, but the Disney family is.
    • Get yourself out of being the participant and become an organiser.
    • First thing you can organise is your workplace.
    • Read: The Everything Store (book about Amazon)
  8. Money expects you to take every aspect of your business VERY SERIOUSLY.
    • If you don’t, its bullshit detector goes off, says, “You’re not serious about what you’re trying to do.” and it goes away. Money thinks, “You don’t give a shit, why should I give a shit?”