The Self-Made Copywriter 12-Week Intensive

Build The Secret Superpower of Multi-Millionaires in 12 Weeks


“The ability to write ads and/or letters that -sell- is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire. If you master this skill you should never again have to worry about money.”

– The late Gary Halbert, who made millions every year with his copywriting. He laid out the formula for mastery that you’re about to get.


There is a “magic button” to wealth – it just so happens to take mad skills to push it.

“If you can out-copywrite all your competitors…you will find, literally, you can sit down and write yourself a swimming pool any time you want. That’s an extremely valuable skill. It’s also a very hard skill to develop.”

– Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s highest-paid copywriters.**


So how can you learn something so damn hard?

You use the formula.


The Astonishingly Simple, Proven Formula for Becoming a Master Copywriter:

Write out old sales letters by hand – lots of them.


Countless millionaire copywriters swear by this method, from old dogs like Dan Kennedy (who has written out over 500 sales letters by hand) to young bucks like Ramit Sethi (who regularly runs multi-million-dollar launches for his online courses).

And now, you can join their ranks.

All it takes is an hour a day.


Program Your Subconscious With The World’s Best Sales Letters, Until Money-Making Prose Flows Effortlessly From Your Fingers

Join me in using the same process that gave the world’s “best” copywriters their superpowers:

  1. Find the world’s most profitable sales letters.
  2. Write them out by hand until the subtleties that made them so profitable sink into your subconscious.
  3. Rinse and repeat every day for as long as you want to improve your skills.
  4. Practice your skills by creating your own sales letters.


The Self-Made Copywriter 12-Week Intensive

Starts: Next Monday

You get: One assignment every day via email

Your Commitment: 1 hour every morning, Monday to Saturday.


BONUS Week 13

A 13th week finishes the quarter. I’m not sure what this week will look like. Your feedback and ideas will help me make the content for this week exactly what you’ll need to round off your training and help you take your new superpower skill into a profitable future.



I’m taking this journey with you.

Every day I expect confirmation from you that you have completed the day’s assignment. If I don’t, you’ll get hounded.

I’ll put you in touch with everyone else on this 12-week intensive. You can make connections with ambitious, positive people like you.


“Can’t I just do this myself?”

Yes, you can!

You don’t need me or the other people you’ll meet here. You can hunt down old sales letters yourself and write them out by hand on your own. You’ll still be a self-made copywriter either way.

Other people will only accelerate your growth, not cause it.

You are already a self-motivated person, otherwise you’d be watching cat videos, not reading this page. Don’t make the same mistake I made – don’t think that being self-motivated should be enough to ensure that you succeed. It only gets you started.

Disclaimer: I liked to think of myself as a “lone wolf”, but I’ve come to realise that wolves did not evolve to be “lone”, and neither did humans. If you’re a lone wolf, something’s gone wrong. Let’s form our own pack and raise each other’s game.


What’s Next

If you’re a serious entrepreneur, or a freelancer looking to make some serious cash, you already know that masterful copywriting is the strongest tool you could have in your belt.

If you’re serious about building that tool for yourself, “cutting your teeth” on the world’s most profitable sales letters is the surest way to do it.

If you commit to this path today, then it’s as good as done.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the button below.
  2. Receive the Welcome Email from me with details and first instructions.
  3. Schedule an hour next Monday morning. Wake up an hour earlier, or push your other commitments an hour later. You’re going to spend that time earning the power to turn a piece of paper into a pile of cash simply be writing on it – so find a way to block off and protect that time.


The Price

The value of this 12 week intensive to you might equate to millions, or mere hundreds of thousands, depending on how you use your powers after you have them.


I want your commitment, (and I want feel the pressure of your commitment on my own shoulders…) I’m only going to ask for £5 per week.

That’s 84p per assignment.

(Other currencies work too)

Three months from now, you’ll have spent a mere £60 (+ 72 hours) to earn the most profitable skill on the planet.

Every week, I will remind you that you have put £5 on the table that says you will do what’s necessary that week.

At the end of every week, if you’ve been slacking, that £5 will be gone forever, swallowed by time. But if you’ve stayed true to the simple commitment of 1 hour on each day’s assignment, that £5 will come back to you in massive multiples throughout the course of your life.

The truth is, you lose far more than a fiver every day you let slip by without investing in the skill of copywriting.

Are you ready to step up?




PS: Paypal should sort out other currencies. If not, get in touch with me directly and we’ll work it out.

PPS: You pay the full amount upfront. You’re either in or you’re not.

PPPS: If at any time in the next 12 weeks you want your money back, you’ll get it. I’m not here to nickel and dime. I want your commitment above all else, so if you decide you’re not going to go through with it or your don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth, or if you just want your money back for no reason, you’ll be refunded, no questions asked…other than ONE – ”How can I make it better for the future?” – and you don’t even have to answer that. You’ll still get your money back.