Yesterday, I mentioned the motivational power of Akira the Don’s Genesis album ft clips of Jordan Peterson. I mentioned how it’s not motivation to achieve exactly. It’s more like motivation to be the best moral example you can be.

I’ve never been moralistic, and I’m still not. People have every reason to shirk their moral responsibility. It’s important to know that in part so that you can avoid flogging yourself for your own errors.

However, something I’m only fully realising now, (with a certain amount of horror), is that every moral error makes your life a little worse.

Every error makes you a weaker.


You shouldn’t have shame over your mistakes, but the results of the mistakes are still the same.

You’re not culpable, but you are still responsible for your mistakes.

Even if you owe money to the bank through no fault of your own, you still owe the money.

Does that make sense?


So the open question is this: what would you be like if you spoke your full being forward?

“Because you’re not everything you could be and you know it.”


Be strong,

– James