Here’s the first verse of Akira the Don’s “More Powerful Than You Think”, a lofi mix of Jordan Peterson.

When I listen to it, it’s like medicine.

I was trying to solve this terrible puzzle about how it was that human beings got themselves in such a tangle about what they believed. Such a tangle that we were pointing the ultimate weapons of destruction at one another. Which, by the way, we are still doing.

I thought okay, I understand that. We need our belief systems. They orient us. And that means there will be conflict between belief systems and that can be a catastrophe and that’s been played out everywhere, again, in very many ways.

What’s the solution to that?

One possibility is there’s no solution. It’s just mayhem all the way around. Could be the case. But it seemed, to me, as I delved into it that the proper solution to that was to live properly as an individual.

You’re more powerful than you think.

Way more powerful.

God only knows what you are in the final analysis.

The solution to the problem of humanity is the integrity of the individual.